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Spinal deformities in children and adolescents

Spinal deformities in children can present at any age. They clinically often manifest during the 2nd growth spurt between 8 and 13 years of age. The presentations are initially subtle and are easily overlooked. Children exhibit poor posture or mild back, waist, shoulder and chest asymmetry. There may be a real or apparent leg length difference. Frequently parents or relatives of the children live with and accept certain deformities until the deformities become very prominent.

Children in this age group are often shy, rebellious or reclusive and do not share their concerns easily with their parents. They do not undress in front of parents or siblings. Therefore deformities easily go un-noticed until they become very significant. Early detection of these deformities is essential in order to initiate timely conservative treatment and to avoid surgery or limit the extent of surgery.

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Spinal Revision Surgery

Spinal revision (repeat) is hardly ever straightforward. The percentage of good outcomes decreases with the number of revision surgeries and a successful outcome normally requires a multidisciplinary approach with a complex surgical approach. Patients are often disheartened by previous visits and the decision by their treating specialists that nothing further could be done for them. This is often untrue.

Revision surgery requires careful evaluation of the reasons that have led to the previous failure. It frequently requires more complex surgical approaches in order to rebalance the spine into a more advantageous position. The Neuro-Orthopaedic spinal team is widely experienced in this kind of complex approach, often involving combined anterior and posterior spinal surgery. In this way even patients with multiple previous spinal operations can often be treated successfully. The benefits and potential dangers of these procedures is carefully explained to the patients before any surgery is undertaken.

Disc replacement

Disc replacement or fusion: what is the difference?


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Microdiscectomy and Lumbar Decompression Surgery

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Cervical Disc Replacement

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Front and Back Deformity Correction Surgery

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