Relaxation Pose


The relaxation pose "opens" the upper spine and releases the neck muscles. It gives one the sensation of womblike safety and comfort.


Step 1

  • Kneel in front of the ball and drape your body over it, hands on the mat in front of you
  • Allow gravity to naturally stretch your neck and spine as you explore the ball's roundness and air-filled texture
  • Go deeper so that your head is 2.5 cm from the ground

Step 2

  • Starting with the little toe of the left foot, bring your awareness to that toe. Work from toe to toe, heel to arch, arch to ankle, moving along the left foot
  • Continue to bring your awareness to your left heel, ankle, calf, back of knee, thigh, pelvis, work up the left side of the body to the torso, arms and head
  • Repeat, working right side of the body